Formax 38% Pellet
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Product Information

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Feeding Directions

A pelleted protein supplement for hand-feeding or mixing with grains for feeding to dairy cows, dairy heifers, dry dairy cows, beef cattle and/or goats.

  • The 38% protein allows Pro Blend to “balance” the grain concentrate with the low protein content of cereal grains
  • 100% of protein is from natural sources; no synthetic, man-made protein source (urea) is used
  • Offers flexibility in feeding by either hand-feeding or mixing with grains to create a grain concentrate
  • A very versatile supplement appropriate for horses, dairy, beef cattle and goats
  • DO NOT feed to sheep
  • Fortified with essential macro-minerals, vitamins and trace minerals to support a strong skeletal system, stimulate the immune system and promote health
  • Manufactured in “mini-pellet” (1/8 inch diameter) to reduce sorting in feed bowls or troughs

Crude Protein Minimum 38.00%
Crude Fat Minimum 1.00%
Crude Fiber Maximum 6.00%
Acid Detergent Fiber Maximum 9.00%
Calcium Min/Max Range 3.00 - 3.50%
Phosphorous Minimum 0.60%
Salt Min/Max Range 2.25 - 2.75%
Potassium Minimum 1.20%
Selenium Minimum 1.5 ppm
Vitamin A Minimum IU/LB 13,000


Plant protein products, processed grain byproducts, molasses products, calcium carbonate, monocalcium phosphate, dicalcium phosphate, magnesium sulfate, potassium sulfate, salt, zinc sulfate, ferrous sulfate, manganese sulfate, copper sulfate, ethylenediamine dihydriodide, cobalt carbonate, sodium selenite, vitamin A supplement, vitamin D3 supplement, vitamin E supplement.


Formax 38% Pellet is designed for mixing with grain to make grain concentrates for lactating dairy cows or growing beef or dairy cattle. A 20% protein mix should be used for lactating cows consuming primarily corn silage. An 18% protein mix should be used for lactating cows consuming corn silage plus 8-10 lbs. of legume hay. A 16% mix should be used for lactating cows consuming mostly legume hay and for growing calves under 300 lbs. bodyweight. A 14% protein mix should be used for growing calves consuming hay or pasture and weighing over 400 lbs. Mix according to guidelines shown below:

Ingredient Pounds Per Ton      
  20% 18% 16% 14%
Ground Shelled Corn 1225 1350 1500 1600
Pro Blend 38 775 850 500 400

Lactating cows should be fed the final grain mixture at the rate of 1 lb. per 3 lbs. of milk produced. Growing calves should be fed 1.0 to 1.5 lbs. per 100 lbs. of bodyweight per day.

Net Weight: 50 lbs. (22.67 kg)

Product No. F-203