Formax Brand Stands for Quality

The Producer name has been associated with equine nutrition since 1869, when the company first began supplying hay and grain products for the growing horse market in central Kentucky. Producer Feeds is today known for excellence in producing outstanding diets for horses of all types with an emphasis on horses for racing, show and performance.

We felt it was important to distinguish the outstanding rations produced for a wide variety of livestock from those developed only for the equine market. Thus, the Formax brand was created.

Formax, still produced by Producer Feeds in Louisville, is available today in more than 150 feed stores in Kentucky, Indiana, Virginia and Tennessee. Formax feeds include a variety of rations for horses, cattle, poultry, rabbits, goats and swine, as well as mineral supplements appropriate for a variety of species. To find a Formax dealer near you, click here.